10-6… Your 1st Place Chicago White Sox
April 24, 2012, 8:26 pm
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The season is off to a very nice start, obviously. 10-6 The bullpen looks almost unstoppable up to this point, Gavin Floyd is our worst starting pitcher, which is a great thing, and the lineup, for the most part, is hitting like they’re paid to. They’re doing it during a cold April too, so that has me even more excited for when the weather warms up.

Some numbers worth nothing:

5  starters with an OPS over .900 (Dunn, Konerko, Pierzynski, Rios and De Aza), and they all have a wOBA over .380. That’s just insane.


Brent Morel (.407 OPS, .191 wOBA) and Gordon Beckham (.484 OPS, .216 wOBA) are hitting worse than your dead grandma. Its disgusting to watch, and I just don’t know how much longer this is going to go on until my man Brent Lillibridge gets a shot. Batting Morel 2nd in the lineup for most of those games has been a HUGE mistake, and we’d be standing alone on top of the division if here were in the 8th 0r 9th hole with Beckham like he is now for all those games.  Something has to give, you can’t put up dead grandma numbers all season long unless you’re making Adam Dunn money. Oh yeah, and Morel has struck out 22 times in 61 PA!

Ramirez and Viciedo are puttering along, looking less than impressive but they’ll be just fine… I’d say at least some of their lousiness is due to very low BABIP. Check it out, Ramirez with his .260 BABIP kind of sucks, and Viciedo is at .219, which is really rough. Things will improve for these two guys.

Turns out I may have been wrong about Rios in the preseason. He looks like a pro out there so far.

I really like this one: Adam Dunn sits atop all of baseball in one major statistical category – Number of pitches seen (340!!!). And he’s done it in less PA than all the other guys below him. He’s eating pitches like pregame hot dogs! His strikeout totals will continue to slow down as more of those 3-2 strikeouts he keeps drawing become 3-2 walks. By the way, he sits at 11th in baseball with 11 walks. He will be in the top 5 at season’s end, you heard it here first. You’ve gotta love all those pitches he’s facing, and getting on base, right in front of Konerko. Just fantastic.


Jake Peavy fresh off a ridiculously sick outing against Oakland. Not going to get too excited yet, as I saw a similar outing in person last year from him against the Indians and he still ended up a big dissapointment. We might have more than one pitcher in the All-Star Game, however. Not much else I feel like talking about, the bullpen is awesome and I hope it stays that way. Let’s make it 5 in a row tonight!


In Humber We Trust






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