5 Games Into the Season, and…
April 12, 2012, 4:47 pm
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We’re fives games into the season, so this means its time to over-analyze and over-think everything that has happened so far. I won’t do that, but here are some fun things to think about:

The team, overall, looks better than expected. In the second game against the Rangers, Ventura actually put in a lineup that mildly resembled mine. Needless to say, I was thrilled. The White Sox won that game.

Adam Dunn looks great. In the opener of the series against the Indians, he took all 5 of his at bats to a 3-2 count, including one 11 pitch at bat. I LOVE that, and pretty soon some 3-2 fastballs are going to become 3-2 three run homers (or at least 3-2 walks) on a regular basis. Truly exciting to see The Big Donkey look like a pro again. He even looks better, after cleaning up his facial hair, and he’s got a thinner frame. Not exactly the unshaven fat guy we saw last year.

Paul Konerko is mashing the hell out of the ball, despite having no home runs yet. I think at least some of this has to do with pitchers dealing with the suddenly difficult Adam Dunn in front of him and the hot-hitting AJ Pierzynski behind him. The home runs will come, and Paulie will continue to mash just like he always has.

The bullpen is fantastic, starting the first 8 runs or so of the season without giving up a run. Santiago (and his screwball) is a fine surprise and really allows Ventura to have some flexibility with the other strong arms in the pen. Great to see that.

The starting pitching is… fine. Not great, but I remain optimistic, especially with Sale’s kick ass outing against the Indians. The future doesn’t look so bleak like it did a few months ago.

Huge series this weekend against Detroit. Yes, it is only 3 games, but taking 2 out of 3 from the Motor City Mashers (made that one up, also the 3rd time I’ve said mash in this article) on the opening weekend would be great for fan morale and get the wheels turning for an exciting season.

Go Sox!!



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