Introduction and Thoughts on the 2012 White Sox
March 5, 2012, 1:51 am
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Spring Training is upon us. Thank God I say, I’ve had a rotten taste in my mouth since the 2011 “All-In” campaign and the miserable off-season that ensued. Oh yeah, and I also love baseball more than most things in life.

Thank you for reading my first post. I’ll be posting as much as possible throughout 2012 Spring Training and the regular season to praise criticize managerial and front office decisions of the 2012 Chicago White Sox. I’ll also write about other things that kind of have to do with the White Sox. I wish I could praise them but there just doesn’t seem to be much to praise these days. Plus who wants to read a cheerleading blog anyway? This is the South Side of Chicago!

Don’t worry, this isn’t just going to be an outlet for me to call everyone a “f*cking idiot” and declare that I could manage the team better drunk. Well, I might say things like that if I actually am drunk and channeling my inner Ozzie Guillen. Instead, I’m just going to give my somewhat well-informed two cents about baseball decisions made on and off the field. By somewhat well-informed I mean that I’m a pretty smart dude whose studied some books and religiously follows sabermetric principles and the baseball strategy that these principles call for. I’m no baseball expert, or total egghead, but I think I have a decent grasp of these things.

The 2011-2012 off-season saw a 79-83 team lose key players and gain almost nothing that will immediately help the team. By almost nothing I’m talking about Kosuke Fukudome, which was actually a fine signing as his career wOBA is superior to a chunk of the starting lineup. Like I said, I’m no egghead, but (1) Fukudome does not even equal (1) Carlos Quentin; losing Mark Buerhle and Sergio Santos just makes it a blowout loss for the Good Guys. I have to praise Kenny Williams for the thrifty Fukudome signing, however, to at least prove that I can praise the guy. Plus, I’m just naturally frugal, or some would say cheap, and love thrift in all of its beautiful forms.

Not really too much to expand on at this introductory moment. No need to beat a dead horse by reiterating that the White Sox need some major help from the bums of 2011, and the new guys of 2012. We already know that.. On that note, I’ll also be including one idiom in each major blog post. I love idioms.

Tune in soon for my batting order/starting lineup analysis, because from what I read today, it looks messy. I’ll sound a lot more informed, and interesting, on my second post. I swear.




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